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How To Take Care Of Your Cake

When collecting your cake I always advise your cake is collected by car and placed in either an empty car footwell or boot. Both areas should be free of anything that could fall onto the cake. I DO NOT advise the cake being transported on your lap or a car seat. Both will cause slight movement in the cake and will invariably lead to damage.

It goes without saying please drive with caution and try and avoid sudden stops.

Keep your car cool with air conditioning and remove your cake from your car as soon as possible to prevent any heat damage.

Once your cake arrives at its destination store it somewhere cool. If you have a buttercream or ganache finished cake you can refrigerate it (In summer months it is advised). If your cake is sugar-paste covered then please DO NOT refrigerate it as your sugar paste will sweat and the visual impact of the cake will be spoilt.

DO NOT place your cake in a sunlit window, near a radiator / fire / heater. Also be mindful that mirrors can bounce the sun onto a table.

Once your cake has left my premises I am no longer responsible and I cannot be held liable for any damage.

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